Paper Napkin

This, neatly folded paper napkin was found by his parents in a diary returned to them along with his personal belongings. It speaks volumes about a person we thought to be a man of few words. It is dated June 1997. Udai was just commissioned and on his way to joining the paltan. One lovely Scotch on the rocks before the gruelling probation. What motivates man? – One wonders – What motivated Udai is pretty obvious.

27 June ’97

Today evening is one of those special times. I’m a few hours away from my destination. 

Ever since I can recollect I’ve wanted to be in a combat situation, to train hard and command the finest troops. I’ve been commissioned into one of the finest battalions in the Indian army, “The One Para Commandos”.

I feel very proud about it and the way of life which I’m about to lead is something I’ve always wanted in life.But I’m not sure what’s going to happen when I reach there, am I going to clear my probation or not? All my family and friends are really banking on my making it. I know one thing, that if I return from here empty handed, my life is going to be doomed. I will loose my self respect and I won’t be able to look in the mirror (and also in my parent’s eyes!)

I don’t know if being a part of “One Para” will make my life a success story or not or it will give me all that stimulation which one deserves from his job or not. But there is only ONE truth which I know. Being a commando in the Indian army and leading men into the jaws of death will make my soul rest in peace one day! Because when the great scorer comes to mark against my name, for all that I did, I will be a proud man who served this country and a cause for which so many brave Indian men laid down their lives. 

I will make my place in the world. I might not accumulate a lot of money, but at the end of the whole game of life, I will probably be one of the richest Indian men!

May God, bless the Indian army. Its going through troubled times these days but one day it will be where it belongs and I will make it happen. 

“I dedicate my life to the SPECIAL FORCES”, and I promise to make my country, family, friends and myself proud. 

“One Para Commandos here I come”.

2Lt. Uday Singh ( after a lovely scotch in Guwahati City.)