Salute you Major...You'll be always in our heart. You make us proud. Jai Hind
Manish Sharma

Bumped into this amazing website and learnt so much about Major Udai Singh. I was in Army Public School, Dagshai when he made the supreme sacrifice. I remember seeing his photos framed in the school and as a 13 year old kid I had always wanted to know more about him. Finally managed to do that. Thank you sir!
Anvay Kumar
Auckland, NZ

Some personalities are harder to describe in words. You are truly an inspiration to countless   people. The Purpose of life and its true meaning is very well expressed in " THE NAPKIN".
Pradeep Singh

Thank you sir for your sacrifice. You show us how to transcend into the immortal way beyond the cities, unafraid of death and smiling in face of it. Jai Hind
New Delhi

I am so proud of you sir. Your name will always be there long after all of us are gone. Jai Hind

One can only be proud of a soldier like Udai sir and after reading his story, I'm feeling the same. He's from that breed of men who live and die for their nation. He is on of my role models and if I can achieve even 1% of what he did and the sacrifice he made, I'll count myself lucky. He was certainly a maverick, a real life hero. 
Prabhat Singh

Just read about Major Udai sir. I was kid when he sacrificed himself for the motherland. My deepest condolences to Colonel Singh. We will always remember him and his balidan for our nation. Jai Hind.

Respected Col Sahib and family, 

It is for and because of brave hearts like Major Udai Singh we lead a secure life. Salutations and respect to Major Sahib, he will always be with you and us. He has done the nation proud.
Samiran Saha
New Delhi 

Uday, you are fondly remembered and dearly missed friend. Endless conversations, your aspiration to be an officer and boy you achieved all that and much more. Given a chance you would not change an iota of the life you lead.....but we wanted more of you. Stay blessed where ever you are. Every GMT get together starts with a toast to you.... I miss you and remember you as one of the finest friends I have ever had!

Forever in my heart and on my mind.....there is so much to thank you for!

Rest in peace sir!!

Great soul son of great parents.

I am indebted . Jai Hind 
Shailendra Singh 
New Delhi 

Thank you for serving our nation. Rest In Peace .
Delhi NCR

I remember and salute to the brave solder who led down his life for us. He was an extraordinary person.
Kuldeep Saxena 
New Delhi 

Major Udai , we remember was a smart by in Tibbri n Oodlabari. He indeed was a true inspiring leader and devoted to his men he commanded.

Salute to the Braveheart. A Star ever shinning with a saga of indomitable spirit.

Vandematram. Jai Hind.
Col S D Malhotra 

With the Mavericks this evening. You were all pervasive.You & your Comrades in Arms are surely one of a kind.Very very Special
The Hideout

Reading about Major uday sir life ,inspired and make a goal becoming as you . बाँके बिहारी जी give peace of his soul जय हिन्द 
Naveen Raghav

Buddy Boy, your smile was infectious and your antics hilarious. Still fondly remember time together.  Jai Hind

It is for your unforgettable sacrifice, we can lay our head peacefully at night. Your bravery not only makes us proud but keeps a mark on the Great Protectors of our Country.

From one of your loving brothers.. Jai Hind.
Anjal Phukan 
Saket. New Delhi

Naman hai veer shaheed ko. we are so proud of you Major Udai Singh ji. Jai Hind
Rachita Sharma

Reading about Major Udai's life, I am reassured of my abilities to make it in the army and the SF one day. Thank you sir for your service and your sacrifice. You are remembered dearly, Jai Hind!
Saksham Bhatnagar 

Thank you.

His was a saga of an indomitable spirit blazing bright.  Almighty's blessings to the illustrious family  for strength and healing.

Boston, US

I saw the url on a twitter account and am glad I visited. Proud of Major Udai Singh and his parents.  May god bless you all. 
Sandeep K

I am a naval officer myself. Sir you were and always will be the best of us. You symbolize all that is right in the world. 
Surg Lt Soumitra Khare

It's a great sacrifice that parents of major sahab has given.

I bow down to major udai singh for his self work for our country. People like you are the reason we enjoy democracy.  I don't know whether I could ever be 1 percent of you. But martyr like you has always been my inspiration. And thanks to person who worked upon this site. Jai Hind sahab 

Some people want to live their life in their own way MAJ. UDAI SINGH,SC,SM was one of them  He will always inspire encourage and motivate youth of this great nation to follow his foot step to serve the nation to the utmost priority  #ALWAYS REMEMBER #UNDISPUTED# RESPECT #  Shatrujit (The Conqueror) 
Akshay Kumar Samar 

Highest regards and honor for you... Salute major.. You will always be alive in our hearts..Jai Hind. 
Greater Noida

My salute to late Maj Udai Singh and heartfelt respects to his parents and family members. His deeds of valour and heroism will always be a shining light to the future generations of youth of our motherland. Maj Udai Singh is amar. Vandemataram. Jai Hind.
Ravi Wadhwani

Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten and will not be in vain.
Soumya Banerjee

Thank you.
Rohit Nirale

It's a great loss to our country that we have lost most loveable and respected person in our country , your contribution to our country will be remembered throughout decades you are true inspiration for our youngsters great achievement maj. Udai Singh. Hats off to you Rip major.
Parag Pandya

U r an inspiration for youth.

We proud of u. #the real hero... #R.I.P.
Parveen Kharb
Jind. Haryana 

Grateful to this fine soldier and his parents. Words can never be enough, but every citizen of this country is indebted to the family. God bless.
Aditya Trehan

I am defense aspirants and visited this site today..Salute the Major udai sir ..these real heros motivates me and many other youths to join forces ..

Pradeep Singh

My salute to major udai singh sir.we will always remember u sir,for what u have done for country our motherland india...  Jai hind.
Abhinash Kumar

Pranam to his family. Your son and brother is an inspiration and to him and his brothers we are eternally grateful.
Jaideep Singh

My salutes to late Maj Udai Singh, for his courage, bravery, dedication to duty. To his parents. I served with Col KKK Singh in 269 Fd Regt. Remember your Uday.  We salute you Sir n Ma'am, also Lalima.  Udai sacrificed his life,so that INDIANS can live peacefully.  He just only physically left us but can't leave us all in our Memories.

May God rest his great Soul in peace.

May young generation of India draw inspiration from him , sly the APS Dagshai students and most coveted units of Para Regts. God Bless
Col S D Malhotra

Grand salute to my inspiration. The hero who served the motherland will remain in hearts forever. May God give strength to the family. Jai hind.
Satyajit Singh Saini 

My salute to you Sir! You lived your life to its fullest. I wish I could just serve my country and live a life just like you. Jai Hind.

I am from Deshbandu college and pursuing political science and i want to join Indian Army.
Vaibhav Malik
New Delhi

In r hearts n in r minds, now n forever...swing low sweet chariot !

Salute to you. Jai hind. 
Vivek Chandan

It is indeed easy to run away from life's troubles. But one  gets to live only once. It is the manner in which this life is utilized and finds its true meaning therein. No doubt u r such a soul Major. Salute to ur guts and the valor tat u displayed.  Jai Hind!
Devshree Dubey
Jabalpur. Madhya Pradesh

You will remain in our hearts forever. Hats off sir.Salute. true champion. Jai hind...
Calicut, Kerala 

Never been in company of people like you. You guys do selfless work but enough is not done to tell the world about your sacrifices. Just want some means to spread your valour across all generation. Jai Hind Ki Sena!!!
Saurabh Biswas
Barrackpore, Kolkata

I am from Deshbandu college and doing Political science (Honours) ..really inspired by Major Udai Singh.
Vaibhav Malik

A true hero.
Rajesh Jaiswal

Such personalities are not born everyday. They are born once in a decade. Great are your parents and great are you. You are immortal. At such an instant, I recall a saying by Major Shaitan singh, PVC; "How can a man die better than facing fearfull odds by the temple of his father and the ashes of his gods?".
Gaurav Singh

A Real life hero. Words are not enough to express my respect. Feeling so insignificant in front of you Udai Sir. An inspiration  you are. I wish I  can meet your family sometime to pay respect and show gratitude for your supreme sacrifice. Wars come and go but soldiers remain eternal, so you will be.
Chennai , India

A huge salute to the Immortal Warrior. You made the supreme sacrifice for saving the country's pride and dignity. #Salute. #Respect. #RIP Warrior. 

Respect and salute to your sir, for giving your life for India, freedom, and democracy. May you ever shine like a star in the night sky. RIP.

u r an idol for all of us.. especially in our(ur) school.. aps dagshai.. #rip
APS Dagshai

My salute to you Sir. India is proud of you and you will always be remembered. India sleeps peacefully when you stay awake and fight for them. You inspire the young generation. Jai Hind!
Isha Patel

Brother, you make the Rajputs proud. THE RAJPUTANA SALUTES YOU.

Shobhit Singh Rathore
Pilubhit (UP) 

It fells really good that some keeping memory alive. 

I am proud of u bro......proud of u
Jishnu AS

My heartfelt salute to Major Uday Singh.RESPECT Sir!!
Sayantani Mondal

What a brave soul! We are alive today only because of such wonderful heroes like you! May God grant you ever-lasting peace!
Debanjan Roy


GUNS GUTS & GLORY!!! you actually lived it, your life is an inspiration to young lads. You made India proud and your family prouder.
Kiran Madhav

Keep on smiling with that big Grin Uday!!!You were one brave guy and real funny too when not taking on the bad guys. From your old Taj Mansingh buddies from 95-96 Cheers always!!!!
Anup Soni
New Delhi

 A salute to parents of great son ,i dont have word for the son of mother India he is going to live till India exist
Rajesh Bind
Baroda. Gujrat

sainikon ki shadat kbhi wyartha nahi hoti, desh rota hai jabtum jate ho !
Pankaj jha
Navi Mumbai

yet another yr passes as we remember the day we lost u in the Thanamandi forests..pursuit of a solid chase, terrific action on fleeting tgts, screaming firefight..triumph was ours...only that u weren't there ! We missed u then, as we miss u now.
Cdr SG ( '03)

desh ke es jaanbaj sapoot ki kahani padkar aankhen bhar aati hai. ye amar hai aur enke mata-pita saubhagyasali hai, hame en par naaj hai.
Pankaj jha

Met Udai as a young boy near his house in Delhi Cantt...Always dreamt of a life like close to it but nowhere near it. God Bless his departed soul.
New Delhi

All Salutations to the brave heart who lead by example and sacrifice. it is amazing to see these men who raise the bar every time where as our political leaders keep on bringing them down. Once again I bow down my head in respect.
Brisco Chandra

jai hind sir....

The Indian nation is alive today thanks to its brave sons like Major Udai Singh . Long live his martyrdom.
Uttam Sharma
Navi Mumbai

Heartfelt salute to you Sir whose supreme sacrifices protect our freedom. Deepest gratitude and respect to your parents.
Ashwini Wagh

Dear Parents of Udai, Your son was a true son of Mother India.He will live in the heart of every man who cares for his country,and strives to make it a better place.A brave soldier never dies,but goes to a better place as a reward for his supreme sacrifice, and will never be forgotten by his grateful countrymen.Jai Hind.
Suvarna Sanyal

Salutations to the brave soldier on his day of martyrdom.
Yadvendra Singh Deora

'The brave die never, though they sleep in dust. Their courage nerves a thousand living men'. We shall never forget. Jai Hind.
Sanjit Singh Bal

I salute and i proud of u Dhanya h wo maa jisne aap ke jai veer soldier ko janm diya Jai hind jai bharat.
Sep/HA Bhupendra Chandravanshi
Ujjain. M.P.

Dear Sir's, We read the obituary in the Times of India dated November the 29th 2013. It's our daughter Anoushka's birthday too. We dedicate her birthday to the supreme sacrifice made by a Son, Soldier and a Gentleman. With deepest regards to the parents of Major Udai Singh, I remain, Ranjeet Vichare
Ranjeet Vichare

Ur real hero of our country. I'll nvr frgt ur sacrifice. And we'r r saluting ur parents who r so luck dat they got son like u. Jai hind jai bharat. Jai Mahakali, Aayo gorkhali
Cadet Ritesh

Sir, 1. My salute to this brave paratrooper . 2. Please upload his photo in uniform which shows him wearing full Medals or ribbon showing Sena Medal and S.C.
Anil Suryawanshi

Was reading about you and the only word which comes to my mind is.. RESPECT ! JAI HIND SALUTE !
Harshal Singhvi

Respect...Salute.proud of u shaheed Major Udai Singh.

Dear Major Udai Singh , I am deeply proud to read about you , your bravery and your sacrifices. I am sure you must be listening our thoughts from heaven. May your soul rest in peace. I am also proud of your parents and family members for their sacrifices. Jai Hind
Ashish Karmakar
New Delhi

Udai Sir, Your sacrifice for the secutiy and safety of the nation will always be remembered. 
Rahul Jain

Whenever I see a REMEMBERENCE like this I feel a Proud Indian, my blood biols and I again, feel Young...I always wanted to be a soldier...HATS OFF TO YOU MAJOR UDAI SINGH. The Nation will always remain indebted...From GOOD INDIANS GOOD (
Vimal Vichar

I happened to read the remembrance of Major Udai Singh in the newspaper today. We all are so busy with our lives that we tend to take our freedom for granted, not knowing the sacrifices that make it possible. I salute him for his supreme sacrifice.
New Delhi

You will always be remembered major saab for the supreme sacrifice you made. Brave Heart.RIP
Devdutta Das
Bhaurch. Gujarat

Salute to the brave hero! Your legacy will live on.
Ishira M

My salute to the brave man who gave his today for our tomorrow , may the legacy of brave always live, jai hind
Raghav Garkar

I salute you veer major udai. Your contribution to the country and to all of us will not go in vain.
New Delhi

When I was in 8th class, our principal sir and our school would pay tribute to the hero of our school. I am alumni of army public school Dagshai. We all love u and u are inspiration for youths and my only aim is to wear this uniform. jai hind well done sir. The maverick with regards, Viki
Hisar (Haryana)

 Dear All, First of all I would like to salute to all our brave Indian Army officers who are protecting our country for us. Lets decide together to prepare more & more officers like Maj Udai for our country. I am father of 2.5 Year's old Baby. I would like to introduce his name as Gentleman Cadet, Inesh Kumar Dalal, who will join NDA in next coming years because I am preparing him accordinlgy. INDAIN ARMY IS MY PASSION.....JAI HIND....:)

Dear Sir, you are a true hero. Shaan teri kabhi kam na ho eh watan, mere watan. Jai Hind.


Salute to Major Uday Singh....I'll always remember you.
Shrey sharma

So proud to be from a land that produces such gods as sons.
Kaushik Mukherjee

Proud of what you did and what you were sir, you will always stay in our hearts. Jai Hind
Abhishek Jamwal

You will always be an inspiration to those who want to serve their motherland. U will always remain alive in my heart. Salute to you Sir. Jai Hind
Tharun Salian

Hello Sudha...What to say..guess, God has his ways..Take care. Raman/Dolly
Raman Dewan
New Delhi

Salute to a great hero who's life spending very shortly b'coz he born for our great country india 'like a great son'
Bikash Kumar Singh

Udai has made the supreme sacrifice ,he has sacrificed his life for his mother land you are a proud parent of such a brave kid ,may every mother have son like Udai who would die for our country we are proud of him and proud of you who have given birth to such a great son.
Dr Narendra Yadav

The one who lived forever.....Immortal in our hearts. To the guy who was special in every sense.....salute
Audumbar Bhoi

My salute to this brave heart.You will remain till India stands on the face of earth. Jai Hind.
Robin SIngh

My salutes to this brave heart. The only thing I feel bad about is the supreme sacrifice made by the greatest heroes of our defense and paramilitary forces go unnoticed.I tell you these sacrifices will never go in vain for their legacies and stories will keep inspiring the youths for generations to come to do something meaningful towards their country. Jai Hind!!

Salute your bravery and u.

We all indians owe alot to martyrs like Maj Udai Singh. You will remain till india stands on the face of earth. RIP.
Vijay Rana

Deep regards to you n, its an honour and a proud feeling to know about maj uday, he will motivate us always.RIP
Avijit Chaudhary

Thank you.
Vasu Kohli

Sir, ur an inspiration!

'The tyrant dies and his rule is over,the martyr dies and his rule begins..'. Sir, Salute to you. I will also join 1 para SF.
Rakesh Hazarika 

GAURV...this is not a single word ..a reason for live. That's for the live.JAI HIND!
Akshit Gupta

Here, dead lie me, because I did not choose, to live and shame the land from which I sprung, life to be sure is nothing much to loose, but young men think it is, and I was young.

We as a nation are forever indebted and grateful to martyrs like you Sir. Jai Hind

God bless your soul.

Uday, you will always be remembered for your bravery I am proud to have known in APS Dagshai.

i know u remember me. on the first nights of my nda days, i swear u came in my dreams nd the whole visual background of the dream was maroon(jan 08). 5 yrs hv passed, 4 of trg nd yet i dont own one. i hv failed nd i swear again i m gonna go in harder...either i get marooned or the body breaks forever. jst waitin for the chance again..I'll be back!!!
Lt Akshay Vikram Singh Mall

Salute to you and your parents dear Udai......India and all Indians are proud of you...Jai Hind..Jai Bharat
Gurvinder Singh

Message: Dear Sir and Ma'm: Your son's supreme sacrifice for this nation cannot be appreciated enough, ever. My deepest gratitude to you parents for giving your brave-heart to this nation. He will remain alive in our hearts forever. With respect, Prashant

Very few people know, but our son Uday Singh is named after Udai. Uday is 5+ now but his name was christened on this date 9 years ago. The day we heard about Udai's sacrifice. We were 14 course mates posted in the IMA and were at a party on the 29th night 2003.As a part of the ritualistic talk on 'those NDA days' there were many stories on Udai my husband Sarvinder started to tell everyone. I have met Udai only once, when he came over for b'fast with other free fallers in the IMA. A very pleasant, smiling gentleman. That's how I will always remember him. Our Uday knows that he's been named after Papa's friend. Today he has taken Udai's picture to his school to show everyone. I just wanted to share this with all of you. Warmly, Aman
Uday, Sarvinder, Aman

My humble salute to you soldier.
Susan J.

(rip) jai hind...
Sanjeev Dahiya
Sonipat, Haryana

On this anniversary of Maj. Udai Singh,I would like to say only (JAI HIND)
Nupur Sharma
New Delhi

I do not know Major Udai Singh, but just read his remembrance note in the newspaper today and want to convey to the family that the nation is proud of hero's like him
New Delhi

Just read about Uday in the paper today; I never knew him personally but reading about THE son of India makes me proud. He achieved the supreme sacrifice; a great honour for him. I salute his parents for giving our nation a TRUE HERO. Jai Hind.
Away Kaul
New Delhi

The nation is proud of such soldiers and also of proud parents. My heart goes out to the proud parents and wish them the very best - we are proud of your son and your family!!
Sunil Misra
New Delhi

Dear Udai Sir Great Salute to you. Only because of you great people, we are safe. You will be remembered for years.... Great Sir Jai Hind
Vinod Kumar
New Delhi

salute to the brave martyr..
New Delhi

we miss u and are so proud of u Udai sir...... you are such an inspiration for all us daggerites and your naughty, playful memories still bring a smile to our faces from time 2 time.

Tributes from me and all in the family of Major Mohit Sharma AC, SM, COASM to this son of India. I remember Mohit talking very highly of Udai and the operations they were a part of. My salute to him and Uncle and Aunty from whom me and my parents take a lot of courage. Regards, Madhur.
Madhur Sharma

I am looking on the NBT page no. 6 dated 29th November, 2012. The only thing I noticed here is a photograph of a young, brave and well dressed army officer Major Udai Singh. If the ocean becomes ink and all trees become pen I won't be able to write the glory of such a great soldier. Being an NCC cadet I spent my 3-4 years with Indian army officers, and here I just want to share my true love to those great souls who come on the earth and make the supreme sacrifice for their motherland. Jai Hind Major. Please be a lovely son again in your next birth to the same parents. And, I do 'Charan Sparash' of your great mother and father. My special thanks to your parents who gave birth to a great soldier. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.
Amit Soni
Mangeram Park Sector-23, Rohini, Delhi

It could have been you, writing this on a site created in my memory. But you chose to be the one who stood guard while we were busy going about trivial pursuits. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. Jai Hind!
George Panakal

I salute the patriotic soldier.
Anil Kumar

I met Uday during his brief stint at the Taj Mansingh as a Fellow Graduate Management Trainee. He made a huge impression on me and we hit it off instantly. A Happy Go Lucky attitude to life and no worries!! The Army was his true calling and he often talked to me about it. Whatever time it lasted that hotel stint was great and we enjoyed our beers together. Was pretty devastated when I learnt about his sacrifice,now many years later and I felt a connection with him even though I had known him for a short time, such was his character and personality. Very Proud! Just saw my photo with uday in the Taj Mansingh football team with the boys in uday the child. i'm the one with the white t shirt in the middle. brought back great memories. Cheers uday!!!!!!
Anup Soni
New Delhi

I am really moved by your courage & sacrifice.I salute u, Major.
Ganesh Hebbar. P

I salute u from my heart sir...and salute to those parents who gave birth to a brave tiger son.... Jai hind

We will never forget your sacrifice. You will keep inspiring for the generations to come, for your love of our mother land. Jai Hind.
Sohom Dev

Jai H Sir.
Aakrant Kashyap
Janjgir Champa

Salute to ur deed sir. Will remember u always inspired youngsters.jai hind sir. u r just marvellous.
Om Chandra

Dearest Uday, I salute ur bravery. U will forever remain in my memories as all the other mrtyrs are.  I myslf cud'nt join the Army but I know the value of martyrdom. May ur sacred soul rest in peace.
Deepak Sharma
New Delhi

I salute you my Sir. BHARAT MATA KI JAI. JAI HIND. You R a true soldier.
Lieutenant Abhishek

Vande Mataram. You are the truly son of mother India. Your name will live forever in the history of India. I salute you sir. Soldiers never die. This is how we do it.
RVS kaushik, Ls, Indian Navy

As a local of Agra, I would request St. Georges college Agra to start a scholarship on his behalf as he studied for sometime in Agra.
Dr. Rajeev Goyal

You are the son of our Nation. Hats off to you,a true warrior,nation will remember you for your greatness.
Baljinder Singh
Gurdaspur (Punjab)

I respect and salute u sir.

AI HIND...sir...!! Coming in para regiment..!!
Takshay Sood
Ambala Cantt 

True hero. May your soul rest in peace.

i salute u brother. U r always in our thoughts and memories because people like u the real heroes who gave their life for us. I salute u again and your parents.
Siddharth Sachan
Kanpur. Uttar Pradesh

I just happened to come across this wonderful website.. Though I do not know you personally, I salute you brother! People like me will never realise how hard life is protecting the nation, but then that is why heroes like you will never be forgotten. My pranams to your parents.. Jai Hind!

Most probably when Major Uday Singh was fighting the militants, I was sleeping comfortably in my home, unaware of what someone is doing to protect the freedom of my country. In no words is it possible to write, how big a sacrifice this brave son of his brave parents has made for his country & it’s people. Major Uday is certainly a role model for me and sir what a way to leave this physical world. I salute Maj. Uday Singh SC, SM & his parents for having brought up such a great soul on this earth.

Happened to be the pall bearer that fatefull day at Palam Airport. Still remember very vividly, how the chopper got delayed and the symbolic crowd which had been summonned to pay condolence, started to slowly wane off as the hours went by. Eventually the chopper landed around last light, and there were just a handful left. So much so for honouring our brave!! i had actually thought that day. Today 9yrs later, when i go through this site, the thought again crosses my mind. But for a maverick like Maj Udai, it would'nt have really mattered. Cause as they say the biggest adventure one can take is to live the life, one dreams. Kudos to a fighter, who was different from the 'Crowd'and lived life on his own terms. ABSOLUTE PRIDE. PERIOD.
Maj S Negi

Jai Hind.

Jai Hind.
Khikhram Kashyap
chhatisgarh Janjgir Chama

Sir,You are my hero.
Arun Shokeen

Jai hai hind Major Sir

The nation is proud of you Major Udai,n Capt.R.Subramanian. Grand Salute.R.I.P.

Vaqt aane par dikha denge e aasma abhi se kya hamare dil m he. jai hind!!
Rohatash Kumar

u r a real hero.
Deepak Singh

It’s an honor that we had you with us. We are still there to continue service to our country. My salute to our nation and to you. jaihind
Vellore. Tamil Nadu

Aap ka ethihas wa aapaki bahaduri hamesha bhartixa sena ko yad rahega .'sulutata sir jai hind jai bhart; sep khushal Ram from uttarakhand 'bageshwar'.
Sep Khushal Ram

Salute to the brave officer who sacrificed his life for us, your country . We will never forget u because it is due to you that we live freely in our home where u were guarding the borders.
Pankaj Oraon

Dear Sir, Your job is pure & divine. We don't want to lose our jawans anytime. We'll take all necessary action, upto that action hope. We need your support.Jai Hind.
Agaram Sioor, TN, India.

I will continue where u r stopped....jai hind saab.

Hats off sir..!!! you are the role modal of rising youth of India.
Mayank Awasthi
Jaipur. Rajasthan

Few get opportunities to serve the nation. Great parents to give birth for such a son,May god bless his family.
Amar Jadhav

Army day celebrations on 15th jan 2012 made us miss u all the is more than often that u play in r minds and wrench our hearts with...'oh, how we wish,u were with us,udai'After all we all r normal humans missing our friend.
Aditi Sirothia

Great job. God bless your parents. Jai Hind.
Sam Bahadur
New York. USA

Salutations to Veer Jambaaj.

Bow heads with respect.Great man who will keep motivating youth in the coming era.
Pankaj singh
Bareilly U.P

Its an honour to me that I salute the martyrs who sacrifice their lives and to those as well who are ready MY SALUTE.
Nitin Pratap Singh
Bareilly U.P

I salute you dear comrade. You make us and the whole nation Proud. Your sacrifice is glorified in the balidan pages of Sadev Amar Raho
Cdr. Ranjit B Singh
New  Delhi

Salute to the parents and the brave heart of India who sacrificed his life for such a noble cause. Best wishes to parents and S.F. fraternity.
T.P.S Bhullar (Assistant Commandant C.R.P.F)
Jammu & Kashmir

Dear Mrs.Sudha Singh and Colonel KKK Singh (Rtd) , From the Obituary appeared in TOI , this week , I was reminded of an article sometimes back in TOI when the news paper had compared the similar brave demise of two Udai Singhs . Now I have browsed the web site of your martyr brave son Major Udai Singh and I have felt very proud and humble to know the details how Major Udai had fought with the enemy and in the best tradition of our brave land . Your son was dabang surma and nation ows him a lot . I am also proud father of Major H.P.Singh who is in Signals . My best regards to both of you and all other family members of Major Udai Singh . 

Proud to add my message here..even good to see a site dedicated to him...i guess it's very small to what they have done to save us.
New Delhi

Sir, hats off to your bravery you were one in millions, a Tiger who didn't give up till his last breath, Sir, I promise to myself that you will never be forgotten
Captain Vishal Raizada

Dear Udai , Today is the day when you left us for a place which is not easily available... ''shahidon main khada hona aasan nahi hota jinhe ishq hadidi hota hain wahi gardan katate hain''. Yours, one more paratrooper kid.
Capt Kedar

I am really proud the man. and i respect army person. my father is also army man.
Ajay kumar

Maj Udai Singh, Country will never forget you and you will be remain ideal for young generation... Jai Hind.
Harvindra Singh

Major Udai Singh was a Hero a Brave heart and a Patriot who always belived in the philosphy- If you win, you need not have to explain. If you lose, you should not be there to explain. Salute to the martyr. jai hind
Rajeev Singh

I read about Udai's tribute in the TOI today. I was his classmate and dance partner ( the posted pic) when we were together in APS Dagshai . Did not know at that time I was interacting with such a brave man. I feel very honored today. Salute him and the family , must be very proud.
Manmeet Dhaliwal 

I met Uday during his brief stint at the Taj Mansingh as a Fellow Graduate Management Trainee. He made a huge impression on me and we hit it off instantly. A Happy Go Lucky attitude to life and no worries!! The Army was his true calling and he often talked to me about it. Whatever time it lasted that hotel stint was great and we enjoyed our beers together. Was pretty devastated when I learnt about his sacrifice,now many years later and I felt a connection with him even though I had known him for a short time, such was his character and personality. Very Proud!!!
Anup Soni
New Delhi

I would like to tell the parents of the magnificent young warrior, Major Udai Singh, that the entire country shares your loss and sorrow. On this anniversary of his martyrdom, please accept my heartfelt condolences. You have bequeathed your son to the nation - the motherland can only bow its head in respect to you. 29 November 2011.
Jay Bhattacharjee
New Delhi

We are alive just because of u.apne liye to har koi jita hai, jina use kehte hai jo dusro ke le jiye. JAI HIND.
Rajesh Sapra
New Delhi

Yet another date to paste expressing that we still remember u as always..for the good times, the bad times & the worst of the times ..(it cud have been worse-r, thank God it wasn't raining..remember ??!!)
Ex Cdr SG
On Earth

Hi, I pride the fact that you were the few cherished one's who inspired others to follow your footsteps and lead by setting an example....Personally I could not believe that you are not physically there but when I reminisce the fond memories through a trip down the memory lane, it feels nostalgic especially the good and tough times shared during the college. Your carefree attitude and pleasant demenour would be rejoiced forever and from the deep of my heart 'we miss you' and we pray GOD to have millions of Uday's like you to make the country proud. 
Prashant Kr Gupta
New Delhi

Shall join you soon sir, R.I.P.

I'm proud of u,Proud of soldiers and my Nation.
Maj.Sreejith Kumar
N.S.G Delhi

No words for u Sir.. u r D best.
Himachal Pradesh

First of all I'm saluting u sir...for ur great adventurous life. U will always be a most inspirational source for me.
sep/clk ashwini pandey

Prost to Your dimples to charm the girls to daaru time to your leather jacket to your enfield bike to your Squash to your...list is endless but you were one charmer and I am sure the girls around you must still be happy?Prost to old times!

Salute to u sir...u will alwaz be a source of inspiration for us to die for our motherland. Jai hind!
Slt Rohit Shekhar
Indian Navy

I can only be proud proud proud proud of u major udai singh saheb.
Prem Singh Rathore

Major Udai please accept the salute of the civilian from the deepest part of heart. Some people like me think very much but do nothing for the country. Give me one chance and let me follow your path to serve the country. You make me feel proud with everyone to be called an Indian. Wishing you and myself in advance for sharing the same date of B'day. Luv you brother. JAI HIND
Himachal Pradesh

I salute your courage and pray for the peace of your soul. 'U r occupying too much space on Mother Earth if u r not living on the edge'. Mother Earth definitely cried the day you left her.

Jai mata di, god bless you udai. You have done your parents, family and friends proud. you have brought honor to India. You are a son who will shine forever. You will be `udai' always close to my heart.
Mukesh Kumar Gudeswar

Thank you Major Udai Singh for giving your tomorrow so that Indians could live in peace and dignity. I hope that the Country will rise to the heights of glory to thank you for this sacrifice. I wish I could be as brave as you. I salute your family for its values. Rest in peace sir!
Vivek Khanna

Imbibe the best from udai, be strong, arise, fight till end and annahilate enemies within and outside. Strength is life, weakness is death.
Himanshu Gautam

Missssssssssssssssss you udai da:(

Dear Sir, You did your duty but while leaving for the heavenly abode, you have also inspired many like me. The soldier may die, but the spirit will never die. JAI HIND
Sumit Kumar Dash
Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

My Dear Udai, jai shree mata ji ki. The brave never die. 
Dalpat Singh Indroka

Jai Hind Major Udai Singh. Desh ki raksha rana hamara param kartebey hai ' mai ajay pal singh indian army me nahi hoo 'mai yek private limited company me account me kaam karata hu 'meri bahut tammana hai desh seva ki lekin kaya karu 'mai accountant hu lekin mera man desh sheva me lagta 'jab mai picture dekhata hu to me sharir me aag jaisa lag jata mai phauji picture jaise ' B.S.F,INDIA ARMY ,yaise picture dekhata hu es janam me nahi to agle janam me to jaru jarur mauka milega .abhi bhi taiyari chal rahi mejar 'mai jab 10th pass hua to desh seva ki taiyari kar raha tha mai 10th 2004 me pass kiya tha lekin aaj 2011 chal raha hai mai ke sanghars sheel hu mejar mai yek desh premi hu 'jai hind'major udai singh jai hind hind ki sena'bharat mata ki jai
Ajay Pal
Basti village-Bankati

I do not know why,but when i read about Maj.Udai Singh..I thought our lives are pretty similar my dad too a Col.(retd.)i am too willing to join the Special Forces one day..and would be an honour to lay my life for the motherland like he did! this man's my hero! he's my inspiration!

By reading the story of Maj. Udai Singh. I Am very inspired from him. I also want to join Indian army special forced. He is great man. Really great.
New Delhi

Thank You!!!Thank You!!! This is the only word that can show what you have shared with us & make us remember Sir & his great legacy with the PARA!!!

I thank u Lalima for creating such a wonderful website of ur brave brother.... Without this we could have never come to know about the sacrifice Maj Uday has done for this words to express my respect for both of u.

When I see such a hero my grammar knowledge of language feel weak to describe something about heroes of our nation.....but their deeds themselves describes all the scenario. I proud to have such a grate fighter in my nation's forces.Jay Hind.
Darshan Patel
Mehsana (Gujarat)

Sir our mother land is very lucky to get you has her son. Sir, I hope I'll get a chance like you (insha allah) Jai Hind.
Muneer n y

I think you guys give enough reason to join the army.

I have no words to convey how grateful I am for your service. May your soul rest in peace. Victory to our motherland!

Hats off to you sir. Whatever you did its a inspiration for us.
Sachin Malhotra

Your bravery will be warmly remembered by the grateful nation.

As an aspirant, Maj.Udai and Maj.Subbu anna are going to be my inspirations. It was heart touching to read about them. I SALUTE !!!

I have a passion of joining the defense Defense forces. But due to lack of height I was disappointed. The Nation salutes Major Udai Singh.
Vineeth Gummadi

Salute gave your today for our future.
Nrapendra singh
New Delhi

I always had a dream of joining the defence.But could'nt join it. But i have great respect for the defence and defence personnels. Hats off to Major Udai Singh and to its family.
Amar Naik

A True Son of India. 'Kulam Pavitram Janani Krutartaha' - Such as son sanctifies his whole family, and his mother is blessed for giving birth to such a Son. May God bless this hero's family. Vande Mataram.
Aditya Raju

I have never felt so honored of being a brother of an army officer (Capt.Abhishek Sharma, after I felt about knowing the great act of a warrior & a gentleman like Maj. Udai Singh. He is immortal & I pray to God that may every Indian mother give birth to a son like him. Jai Hind
Rajat Kapoor
Zirakpur. Punjab

Sir, I am to pay my sincere and heart felt respect to the immortal Uday Singh sab whose sportive ambition and courage in each and every deal as well as his dedicated nature to save his fellowmen as well as to defend our nation is a shining guidance, foot-prints to the youngsters like me to be with patriotism,first serve for the nation next for self.Almighty God may bestow good health to his family members.
Seepalakottai S.NARENDRAN
Madurai, Tamil Nadu

From the core of my heart I salute you Major Udai and your supreme sacrifice. All i have to say for you and your Race of soldiers is: They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them, Lest we forget, lest we forget. Jai Hind...

We don’t have much to say in front of you. Whatever you do for country from this we just take inspiration. And thanks for the inspiration and a big salute to your sacrifices.
Ravi Dabla
Sonipat. Haryana

Firstly Jai Hind !! I really salute a person who served the country ! Hats off.
Cdt. Sagar Mahajan

...The tale is inspirational, the deeds are beyond heroic...the Nation, and all of us have lost a great soldier in you.
Lt. Avadhesh Malik

You will be forever in my mind.......major Udai
New Delhi

Major Singh, You inspire boys like me every single day and give us the courage to defend our nation..if it were not for you, many of the young officers would have not joined the army to sacrifice their lives for this great have done the whole country proud a part frm your will always be remembered and your legacy never be forgotten. Jai Hind.
George Thomas

Very proud of Sir and wish I could follow him.
Navneet Sud

I am proud of udai sir, I want join indian army special forces.
Ranjeet Barpete

Proud to be an Indian Sir. Your life is an inspiration for all those who aim for the special forces. Jai Hind.
Saj Mohan BM
Cochin. Kerala

People like Major Udai Singh are a source of great inspiration and pride for us. Reading about him has inspired me appear for SSB and if I am given the honor, volunteer for PARA SF.
Parijat Gaur

Felt jus proud to know abt another brothers...martyrs...I can feel and understand as belong to the same family as we miss our brother Lt. Parthiban KC (P), my highest rgds to uncle and aunty and sis. tk cr...will be in touch soon.

Reading about all these great and fearless men, I have decided to send my son in Indian Army. I salute you Sir!!
Priyanka Sharma
Toronto, Canada

Thanks for introducing the hero.

Udai was my senior in school and i feel very proud of the fact that i have been with such a great human ,i salute the Great warrior!

M. Santhi
Tamil Nadu

Jai Hind. Long live Maj Udai Singh. I am proud of Maj Udai Singh. Although I am in London, But I will be joining India Territorial Army soon. We salute to you. Jai Hind. Vande Matram.
London, U.K

Sacrifice of all our brothers will never be forgotten..... i wish to join Indian Army but if not possible I'll serve our nation staying outside the army... Jai Hind.
Vrushank Banerjee

'SHEEDO KI CHITAO MAI LAGENGE HAR BARAS MELE WATAN PE MITNE WALO YEHI BAKI NISHAN HOGA' I saw this web address on remembrance (Times of India) I'm preparing myself to join the Indian army & inspired by the LEGEND MAJ UDAI SINGH,SM,SC
Divya Rana

Salute to Major Udai Singh!!!
Deepak Dahiya

You are the reason which led me to the place where I am today. I salute you for that and your parents for making such a supreme sacrifice. ex-APS Dagshai 07.
GC Ankit Sirohi
IMA Dehradun

Proud to have a senior like you. Always remembered you as a great sportsman and now a great inspiration. Jai Hind.
Sanjeet Bajwa

Hi Sir. Miss u very much. Hope I also do little bit work for my country. I'm going to join the army .
Nishant Sharma

Proud of heroes like you.I just pray to god to give your family strength n they are so proud to have a son like him. JAI HIND.
Pushpeen Kaur
New Delhi

Uday was my senior in APS. I remember him always smiling, always active, popular with teachers and all of us. RIP Udai, you do us all proud.....Our Army risks too many young lives on the front line...just seems unfair. Our young brave-hearts need an opportunity to live not always an opportunity to sacrifice their lives....they lay down their lives without a second thought! God Bless! You will live in our thoughts, memories and prayers.

The real hero!!! Hats off to the parents who gave this legend to the country. I salute to you sir and ma’am. Indian army will never forget this legendry commando. and the new generation like me will get with his supreme sacrifice and inspiration.
Lt . A .P. Singh

These sons of the soil can never be forgotten and they live in every Indian Hearts.
Sunil Wali

Uday! The guys we always looked up too, doing our stay at Dagshai. He was someone who always inspired you, made you do the impossible and showed us the meaning of living life. You made us all proud Udai! Can still remember the times together... Cheers Bro!!
Dharmender Parmar

My heart always goes for our young and bright boys in uniform. I also lost one of my dearest freind 18 years ago... May god give them peace in heaven. Always with them.
Rakesh Pokhriyal
New Delhi

I Salute the real heroes of INDIA. He will always occupy a special place in our heart. JAY HIND.
Chirag Patel

Very Inspiring. I salute the parents of such a brave son. We shall not forget him and he shall live in our memories for ever.

Great men like you are giving your today for our tomorrow... Please, our fellow country men should understand this,so that you can live safely in your so called society... Heart salute with respect to Maj.Udai and Capt.Vishwa.

Speechless...after reading the account of your life and your gallantry.

A Big Salute to Major Udai Singh. A Big Salute to Captain R. Subramanian. When I was searchin for Captain's name on the web i can across the page mentioning the best friend of him..and then the website of him. It is very much needed that websites of all heroes should be made available as a collection. I would suggest to the creaters of this website to send mail to will add the link of this website in their martyrs section. Recently we have launched a website on Captain Vinayak Gore and I have sent the same info to the same site. I feel strongly that face of each and every 'lal' of this motherland should be known to the citzens of India for whom they gave up this beautiful life.
Riya Gawade

Though Udai was a year junior to me in school,but unfortunately I never got to know him too well and closely.My bad luck,I'd say! It is because of Udai and other brave soldiers like him that all of us are able to live with out fear.I salute you,Udai,and our alma mater is vey very proud of you. Jaihind.
Shruti Malhotra

'Shaheedon ki Chitaon par lagenge har baras mele' 'Watan par mitne walon ka yehi aakhri nishaan hoga' Rest In Peace.
Rajeev Rathi

May god bless you!
Maj Vipul Agrawal

Udai was a year senior to me at APS Dagshai. Although we were not in the same house, we were good friends and always in Mr. Thakur's trekking group, going to hemkundsahib, manali & rohtang. Udai was the centre of attraction with his great sense of humor and perfect timing, spoke really well. Before leaving school he told me one thing as we bumped into each other at the cdh; “oye surdee, u have a year to go. Just live it to the max”. I don’t know whether I lived that one year to the max or not, but Udai Singh,  my dear friend, senior and trekking partner, u surely have done us all proud; the whole of APS Dagshai. U surely lives up to the school motto 'dedication to the nation'. For me u are the maximum hero.
Navjot Rajpal

I came across this page through some common friends in Facebook...It is stars like Udai which keeps this country going and we should never forget their sacrifice God Bless is soul.
Rimi Das

We are Proud of Major Udai Singh He achieved what a lot of us only dream.
Vikas Bangia
New Zealand

I came to know about udai from my dad Lt. Col Subhash Narula. May god rest his soul in peace.
Geetanajli Narula Dhawan

Respected parents of the brave son, We are very proud of Maj. Udai lines for the brave Maj: A soldier lives by chance, loves by choice and kills by profession. Jai Hind.
Capt. Sandeep Singh Sandhu
Patiala. Punjab

Bhagwa, Safaid , Hara.. yahi Jewan chakre Mera. May God bless you.

Really proud of u Major Udai Singh.

Salute. I feel proud of Major Udai Singh .I give thanks to the creator of this web page. I have no words for Major Udai .
Mukesh Yadav
Taraon. Ghazipur. U.P

Salute. I am heartly moved by the contribution of Major.UdaiSinghji. I would like to thank you the creator of this web page-especially to find our dear friend Capt.R.Subramanian - buddies of Uddu-Subbu fame. Both have contributed for our country. Words are endless for their priceless contribution, that they have done. Thank you guys for all your efforts. Vande Mataram.
Darshansinh. N. Jhala

This is very first time I got a chance to visit this great site and now I don't have that courage to write anything here for such a 'Mahan Shaheed' and his family. I feel every single word is so small for those who dedicates their life and kids for the nation's safety....I salute them from the bottom of my heart.

We are soliders; we have only one Motto in life: We Live for nothing but we Die for Something which we love the most; our Motherland.
Rahul Bamaniya

Rahul Joshi

Well I had got this poem from my cousin who is in the Army but I realisd how true it is when I came to know about Udai. This ashes to ashes, dust to dust, If life doesn't get me, death must! "If I die in d war zone, pack my body and send me home! Pin d medals on my chest, tell my mother I did my best! Tell those pretty girls not to cry, coz I am a soldier, born to die. But don’t u worry. To survive in battle is my will, coz this damn soldier is born to kill!"

Go forward without fear. Remember the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability. A toast to the parents of the hero who fought for our mother land. When I went through the site, tears falling down from the always live in our hearts. Gob Bless India.
Flt.Cdt.John Hyde

I visited this site today; and felt really proud to be an Indian after getting to know in detail about Major Udai's life; his courage and above all love for his country. His sacrifice is an inspiration for every Indian like myself. Salute to this hero and his family. The whole nation remains indebted to you all forever.
Rohit Walia
New Delhi

Going for SSB...hope I get thru...u r the 'great scorer' by the way !!! n its Allahabad, my birthplace n yrs too.
Vineet Singh

I did not know Uday. But tears roll down my eyes as I write this. You must be the proudest parents on all of the earth to have raised such a noble child. May god grant you the peace of mind you so deserve and the courage to continue your charitable work.
San Francisco

Came upon this website by chance and I must say that I have no words to express what I feel. Long live Major Udai Singh! The whole nation salutes you.

Sacrifice of this brave son of India will not go in vain. India will be defended till the last drop of blood.. we will never forget these great sacrifices. Janani janam karini bharatam. jai hind.

Long live Maj Udai Singh SC,SM. May he rest in peace, with his dear friend Subbu in heaven...a great son of India. Proud of u, Sir.
Capt. Sachin Sharma

To the parents of Maj Udai - Thank You.
S Kumar

I many a times wonder , how this great country of ours moves on, when it has so many problems. The answer is that ' WE HAVE BRAVE AND DEDICATED SONS LIKE MAJOR UDAI' . A true son of this sacred land of ours, who is saluted.
Ravi Kumar
New Delhi

No words can match the bravery of Maj.Udai. We shall not let his sacrifice go in waste.I salute his mother for giving birth to this brave boy. My salute to his brave & proud parents. Because of patriots like Maj. Udai,we are proud to be Indians.
Manish Bhatnagar

Peace be with parents and with the departed souls. May God give the parents to bear this monumental loss.

Udai has showed the real mettle of Gorakhpur.
Manoj K Srivastava

Dear Sir and Madam, I salute both of you too. It's a pride and honor for India to have such daring people that they dedicate their life FOR US. May God always keep him in peace. JAI HIND!!
Kirti Wankhede Rapeti

Hi. I am very proud of being an Indian. Major Udai Singh will be in our hearts for ever. I salute him and his parents for giving India a legend like him....You have sparked our life. Vande Mataram. 
Nitin Bist

I am greatly inspired by the life of such a great legend. I salute him. We get life only for once so its great to serve it for country and humanity. That I also want.
Sandeep Tada
Hansraj College. Delhi Univesity

It is because of the BRAVEHEARTS that India sleeps peacefully. We salute them.
Sanjay Varma

Major Udai Singh....I salute the life you lived and I salute the way you sacrificed it in Bharat Mata's service. We are living safely all because of brave men like you. God bless you soul and your parents and near and dear ones'.
Sandeep Bhat
Powai; Mumbai

Major Udai Singh, I salute you and your bravery. I wish I am able to do half of what you did for the nation!

Shilpi Mahajan
New Jersey

Proud of you Udai. Guys like you keep my country safe.

I am greatly inspired by an great patroitic army soldier who laid down life in the service of nation.
Uday Singh Adda
Hans Raj College, New Delhi

Dear Sir and Ma'am, No words of condolence can bring your son back but the citizens of this grateful nation will always remain indebted for the supreme sacrifice your son has made in the services of this nation. Rest in peace brave son of mother india.
Chicago, IL

Colonel Sir and Ma'am Forever indebted to parents like you who have sons and daughters guarding the nation. This is a great endeavor and I'm sure Udai is as proud of his parents as his parents are of him. Regards.
New Delhi

I sleep because people like you remain awake I get time with my family while you sacrificed your time with yours I work and earn because people like you provide the safe environment for it I have a country to be proud of because people like you defend it I am able to express myself because people like you protect my freedom I can talk 'Peace' because people like you are willing to fight for it. But my life, like the other millions of Indians, will NEVER be complete like yours and people like you in the AF. Forever indebted to you and the people of the Indian Armed Forces. THANK YOU!

God bless your soul, we owe our peace and security to you. thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Salute to a true Hero.. If our country today stands tall, it'h because of Heros' like him and the sacrifices they have made! Jai Hind.

Sir u were one of the very few privileged person who are able to join the coveted INDIAN ARMY.The nation will always remember ur supreme sacrifice.Hope that INDIAN ARMY get more officers like un nnot the corrupt ones as have erupted in d recent times.Despite all this the ARMY will always n forever earn the honour of the indebted nation. JAI HIND JAI JAWAN

Hats off sir, its only due to your sacrifice we are living a much better life. a would like to pay tribute to your deep efforts. I am also willing to join Indian army soon.
I. Kailash Rao
Rourkela. Orissa

U r d best , what u did will definitely reflect u or come to u some how or 2 ur loved ones..nothing goes waste its just invisible but it exists.

New Jersey, USA

few words for the true son of mother inda as words are not enough shat shat naman .
Brijesh Mishra

Dear Uday...God Bless You. You are the real son of India.Most people are willing to settle abroad for a better life. But u chose to serve your homeland.
Rajesh Sobti

People like Major Uday Singh never die. They are always in our memory. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven. Hats off to his family.

Dear Maj.Udai, God bless you, your Mother, Father and your teachers. This is what parents live for. Though you may not be present among us today your supreme contribution is too high to be jotted down in words. Any language is too low a medium to express my gratitude and respect for you. I am sure your Father and mother will walk tall and I bow to you and them in respect. You are a true son of an Army Officer. Mat God bless all Para SF in any regiment in this country.
Kishor Rao

You loved what you did u are the happiest and respected man. As what i perceive, i shall be one very soon.
Ajay Yerrapragada
Aurangabd IHM

Sir, Respects

Jai Hind !!
Western Sector

A salute to the bravery of Maj.Uday. People like him will always be a guiding light in an honest discharge of my duties for my motherland. JAI HIND!
Praveen Pandey

It is due to lion hearts like you who teach us to live life king size. Thought of martyr's like you sends a spine chilling sensation throughout the body. I know I have the courage and I don't know from where it comes. Words can't express what I feel.
New Delhi

Madam,he is a inspiration for young offrs like us and motivate us to do that little extra bit.
Maj Navdeep

Ek raasta hai zindgi jo tham gaye to kuch nahi................. Uday you have taught us this lesson.I admire your bravery!
Powai, Mumbai

A true Maverick, lived by the Credo of 'What better way to dies, than fighting fearsome odds, for the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods'. Jai Hind.

Thanks to u..because of u we r living our life freely...n thanks to one mother(land)to another mother for giving her such a brave son. We salute we. Major Udai singh.
Harvinder Singh Bisht

I had heard of people like this exixted but i m dumb struck after his message on the paper napkin. with men like him our nation can rest assured. to them I thank his parents for such noble gift to my country. we are forever indebted. I salute them.

New Delhi

Brave men are gods special one and have less time on earth to spent. Because need them too.
Karan singh Chauhan
New Delhi

We are very proud on you Uday.This is called the unmatched bravery.We salute you and your bravery.
Mohammed Ramiz Ansari

Next Life-we will be together!
Prabhat Singh

I miss you a lot Udai. We have spent many yrs of life together from 8 to college. I have lost my best friend.
Vipin Kumar
New Delhi

My world looks hollow wth wht i m doing,yr path seems purer and truer,but i think u r to good to be copied and its impossible to be as great as you..i wish yr family all the best,n if u r looking down at me,i say 'let me be you'...
Vineet Singh

I have no words to describe my emotions, wish i could have done the same for my country. What an act of courage? May god bless their families ( uddu & subbu).
Vijay Singh Rajawat

Will always love u udai,u r in r thots always,though u gave us a wound tat will never heal.

There is no word to express about him..Jai hind. If there is another birth, I would like to have him as my dad
Coimbatore. Tamil Nadu

Udai, we are proud of you. . . I still remember you sitting on the back seat of your father's scooter in Agra(seated, facing the rear !!) . Then I saw you as a young officer in the most elite units of our Army. I ask God - WHY DID HE HAVE TO SNATCH YOU FROM US? But. . . His will . . . You continue to motivate young people and still live in our hearts. . .
Col Rawel Singh

Really Proud of You Udai Singh... Jai Hind!!! 
Ganesh S Rautela
New Delhi

I came to know about this site through times of India. I went through various emotions while going through his biography and photographs. how can be someone be so motivated and dedicated? They say what you think you become. Maj Udai did what he always thought of! leading his men in combat was his ultimate aim and he achieved it but made supreme sacrifice in the process. i wish for such officers in the Indian Army. My salute to the family who gave such a brave heart to the army. Sir , i don't know you personally but you will be my inspiration and I will follow your footsteps. God bless to all!
Capt Singh

Respected Sir and Maam, Please accept my Deep condolences on the date of the supreme sacrifice. With heartfelt regards, Yours sincerely, Capt Kunal Sharma.
Capt Kunal Sharma

Soldiers who sacrifice for their nation never die. They are the ones who become the pride for the nation. They are immortal. I(we) salute you my friend. JAI HIND.
Abhishek Singh Shekhawat
New Delhi

Udai.. you make our country proud.. I salute you & your family for making the greatest of sacrifices.. RIP !!

I chanced on this page while surfing . What a great memorial to a valiant son of India . We are proud and blessed to have men like Udai protecting our country . I am from a service family myself , my father was in the Navy , and my brother is currently serving . Dear Col and Mrs. Singh , this website will keep your son's memory alive for all time to come.
Murali Ramaswamy
Muscat , Oman

May the almighty bless his soul.I was unfortunate not to meet Uddu sir,cos this incident happened the day we started our probation.I was lucky to lead the same team months later.every boy had words of praise for Uddu sir. Am proud to be in the Alfa Team. MAVERICK
Abraham Thomas

I came across this page through Bharat Rakshak. We, the common Indian citizen are indebted to you and people in uniform like you . Because of people like you, we plan and live our day...Jai Hind.and may your soul rest in peace.

My message is late. I read about this First Knight's valour when I logged into the link from Bharat Rakshak. As tears trickle down all I can say is Men like him stand like monuments of bravery, courage under fire and above all the dedication and commitment. Udai you are now gods own angle. I salute Udai and also to that veer mata of Udai. We owe your family and to you.
Ashok Ram Kumar

Men like Maj Uday Singh give us the support to fight against all odds and proud of being an Indian. Warriors never die, they live in the hearts of many. -deep love and respect to the family of the real Indian.
Mandeep Kumar Devgan

You were a great course mate. I remember you last met me at Sarsawa, when I came for the jumps. You are and will remain an inspiration for me. Love you Uday.
Major Sunder Bisht, SC
IHQ of MoD(Army) CIU, Delhi

These men, who lay down their lives are not just soldiers, but great patriots. All of us can rest in peace 'coz of them.
Neeraj Bhatt

Can we join the cause today and let the legacy live on....let their sacrifice not go unnoticed.I will to do whatever i can within my capacity to support the cause.....I PLEDGED TODAY....CAN YOU? Lets salute our brave soldiers ....JAI HIND!
Sandhya Singh Parmar

I am proud of my countryman who devout their life to keep us safe in India. may God bless them and always keep them safe wherever they do their duty.also may god give courage to their family to bear all the pain when they lost their loved one while doing their duty.
Cedrick Fernandes

I have no words for the brave heart who gave up their lives for the nation....and it has been correctly said ...the ones secured...will never understand what it really takes.....hats off to the heroes and all i can do in return as a common citizen of india is that i will join the armed forces....and will just try my best to do something which the greats like maj udai singh and his friend has done...jai hind.....and hats off to you guys.....just a THANK YOU...from my side to both the brave hearts for evrything that they have done..jai hind

The message scrawled on paper napkin by Maj. Udai says it all. There'll soon be a day when we will understand the ways in which brave hearts like Udai have set this country free. May God bless you.
New Delhi

Jai Hind
Syam Sunder

Uncle and Aunty, thank you for giving birth to a martyr.
Anant Sharma

Maj. Uday has impacted my mind deeply. I for once was hesitant to join the army, even though my father is a 3rd generation officer and he is still serving. At times i wonder from where are officers brave as Maj. Uday come from. He has not died. But has gone to a place from where he can see everything. Today after accidently hooping on this site i realised that death is just a part of life and the brave too die but once. Maj. Uday has inspired me again to fulfill my destiny and dorn the olive green uniform again. He will forever be my idol and god willing if tomorrow i wear the uniform, i'll look up in the sky and salute him !!!
Shashank Singh Dalal
Army Boys Hostel , Delhi Cantt

Hey Uday, Cheers t you on your B'day. Cheers and kudos to the energy n enthusiasm that u've always lived ur life are an inspiration for all. we love you n u will be in our hearts forever n ever.. Seths
Seema and Prateek

Salute to hero Udai Singh
Sanjay Sanghvi

'Sahido ki chitao per lagenge har baras mele watan per mar mitne waloo ka ye bas ek nishan hoga'.... We all salute our soldiers who have saved us by giving their lives, they are the biggest heroes.
Arvind Singhania
New Delhi

I salute the brave officer & gentleman for his supreme sacrifice. I would like to mimic his ideals and would like to learn and walk his path of glory. Jai hind.
Mrugen Deshmuk

Uday, we all salute u and ur bravery. You will remain alive in our hearts for ever. Jai Hind Vande mataram


I am falling short of words to hail such a true son of motherland. These story needs to be circulated so that aim of our country youth can be motivated in right direction. Jai Hind , Jai Bharat and salute to u...

First Of all i salute this brave guy....woh really lucky the...Saheed.Bhagat Singh ne kaha tha ki 'Kismat walo ko he hai milta desh ke khatir marne ka mauka' aur wo unmese ek hai. Actually I also want to fight for my India. I want to die for my country. I don't want to big salary job. I juz want to live and die for INDIA. Thank You. Jai Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

May God rest Major Uday's soul in peace! May God grant peace and tranquility to his surviving family members!

San Diego, US

All we can say is...these guys were just really great...words cant say for what they did... All we can do is make a better nation for which they gave there lives....i bow ..Salute all defense personals.
Bangalore, Karnataka

I salute you and am proud of you.
Harvan Kumar
Bareilly. U.P

Its only due to brave army men like you that we ordinary citizens of this country feel safe. God bless your soul. JAI HIND.
Rohit Sharma
New Delhi

I salute you brave warrior..U will live in our hearts forever. you will never be forgotten.


I am deeply moved by the courage and valor showed by the brave solider, am really happy to be Indian. Go on great guns Indian Army.. God Bless.

Jai Hind
New York

I salute the great son of our MotherLand....Hats off to Major Uday.
Pankaj Patwal

Hey yodha i salute u. Jai Hind. God bless u. We pray for u.

I think we are very grateful for such leaders. I can see Bhagat Singh inside him and he is like God for us, who save our lives without knowing us. I don’t have words to express myself. But I want to say Inquilab Zindabad and a great salute to the courageous mother and father.
Malviya Nagar, Delhi

You have made this soldier live, by making this website, and Maj Uday kept the traditions high of para(sf)- balidaan.... god is proud of such persons.
Anupam Rana

You looked like any other indian boy..full of life,good looking,enjoying life as it comes,adventurous.. yet u r so diferent from all of us thorugh ur actions as a true son of soil..i salute ur bravery,ur supreme sacrifice.may ur soul rest in peace n ur family get the courage from god almighty. Hope you are reborn and meet your dear ones...i don't know i truly wish..!!

Salute to the brave soldier who made the supreme sacrifice defending the honour and welfare of India. Jai Hind.
Sonam Kapadia

Saluting Uday and all you members for incorporating such a beautiful and worthy trust... Uday's actions and deeds have brightened the lives of many a souls including me today...he'll always stay amongst us as our positive side.
Tasneem Saif
Bhopal (M.P.)

Jai Hind
Devendra singh

I will repeat Maj Uday.
Shijin K Rajan
Kannur, Kerela

Hey Uday Bhaiya, we all Daggers are proud of you. Your sacrifice will never be'll be there in our hearts forever...
Sunaina Nargis

Udai has not only made you proud Sir, he has made the entire nation proud. We salute his bravery.

'Whats up,Lali'......wish I could be Uday......and could spoil your plans once again ...God Bless his Soul.
Major Rishi Sharma(Retd)
New Delhi

Udai, a Maverick, Free Spirit, Free Thinker, Non Confirmist, and a Rebel at times. This is the Picture I form at the mere mention of the name. Then follows, Great Senior, Excellent Sportsman, total Dude, someone the entire school looked upto. Udai will forever be an inspiration, a sort of guiding light, a flame which will forever burn for us Dagshai guys. I am honoured to be from the same school, Dagshai, and hounoured at having met him time and again while he was in Arjun Vihar. I mourn your loss, which no words can fill. But Maam, you, Sir and Lali should be extremely proud of Udai. I pray for peace of his soul. As the world famous Painter Renoir said, The Pain passes, but the Beauty Remains.
Rahul Loomba

We proud on bravery of ur son jai hind.
Sumit Bhanot

kadam kadam bharhaye ja khushi ke geet gaye ja yeh zindgi hai kaum ki tu kaum pe lutaye ja
Parambir Singh Salar

I knew this boy. He is the epitome of what a young military officer should be. Lead from the front and the men will follow. That was Udai!

Col P S Sangha, Vrc

I sincerely salute this brave soldier for displaying outmost courage in serving our country.

Cejo Johnson

So true are the words''It's a shame to be alive when men such brave lay dead.''Salute to our brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the honour of India.No words can praise the true sons of soil.They lived and died as true sons of India.Thanks to the mothers who raised them and dedicated them to India.They are immortal in our memories.
Dr.Umang Bassan

Hea vir javan lack lack salam tumko.
Somnath Kundu

Irrespective of the fallacies of this nation, It thrives on...thanks to you bunch of guys!!! defending the nation. Heartfelt salutes to u sir.

An amazing life . Such a dedicated , courageous and wonderful human being .My salute to the proud parents and little sis . I hope and pray that one day people and governments will realize how senseless war is and what a huge price such young men & women & their families pay along with 100's of innocents caught in the crossfire . . As a nation we are proud of their sacrifice but I wish it was not so . God Bless .
Anjana Bhan
New Delhi

Dear KK, Came across this site. Although so late but i was excited to read Udai's life story,We really miss him. my daughter anjali who was his classmate in georges also joins me in this memory lane. Subhash
Col SC Narula

I am very proud to be indian due to the sacrifices of officers and men of the armed forces.
Cdt.Krushit Kumar

Rest in Peace my friend. So sorry that i came to know about you and your illustrious life only after 6 years. One day we will all meet. Thank you for what you have done for our country. God chose you for the job. May your life inspire others! Good bye till we meet.
Sreekumar Nair

Take the bow, sir!

Capt Bripendra

I am very proud to be indian due to the sacrifices of officers and men of the armed forces. Every one dies..nature's unbreakable law but it is someone's untimely death at combat that is the ultimate sacrifice for ones country. I like to salute major udai singh for all he was.

Sacrifices like yours will never be forgotten...we hope to follow in your footsteps and do our nation and ourselves proud like you did..JAI HIND!!
GC Rohit Tiwari

People come & go but Sher Dil Warriors Come 2 give the stand to tell the enemies beware of us.....
Kislay Thakur

Soldiers like you never die. They are immortal. Jai Hind.
Arun Chhikara

I will join IMA in July and u will be my role model. I will follow your steps and join the Para commandos and clear all the hurdles are my guiding light. Be with me sir and encourage me. I will not let you down.
Raipur Chhattisgarh

No words can bring Him back but I a stranger for whom Shaheed Major Uday died can only salute him and express my gratitude towards soldiers like Him who gave their today for our tommorow. Jai Hind

GOD SPEED,my brother.You did what I and many others like can never do.Hope,you found your peace.

I wish I will do something as big as him in this life...
Ashish Khare

The weakest amongst us has a gift,however seemingly trivial,which is peculiar to him,and which worthily used will be a gift also to his race' You were certainly not the weakest, and what you did made us proud then and will always do so. It inspires so many of have in a peculiar way inspired me to be a much better human being and i hope that the tiger still roars!! Been thinking about you on this seemingly non inspired morning .. and the very thought of you revitalized me to do so much more and get so much more out of this ordinay day which now is probably special!! Love!

SALUTE to the hero. I, (we), will remember this hero. I wud like to emulate him. Ur a real inspiration..JAI HIND.
DVG Krishna

In my path there's nothing but sweat, blood, dirt n dust, pains n perils but my determination is of steel...U have proved it sir..u r the hero.

I heard d brutal story of his demise by his sister Bhumija Singh, it was so touching dat i cudnt stop writing right nw... just salute u my bro..u r d true son of mother India...every parent dreams of having such a brave son.
Navin Singh

Salute to a great son of the soil who has made the Indian Army proud.

Kr. Naresh Singh Thakur
kathua(jammu &kashmir)

I sincerly salute to the brave officer of our great service,who fought valiently in protecting our motherland.You are the true procter and custodian of this great country. The nation as a whole will always remember the sacred and supreme sacrifice of Major Udai Singh.
Gopal Singh

God bless you Udai! Your life has not gone waste. You will remain 'amar' through your memories and selfless sacrifice. May you find eternal peace wherever you are.. Jai Hind!

After reading the biography and citations, I wish I had known you. God bless and rest in peace. My sincere condolences to the family he left behind. jai hind

I stumbled upon this website while surfing salute & cherish heroes like Maj Uday & the great job the Para's are doing in Kashmir.I think this website is the biggest tribute to the memory of Maj Uday. Just wish other Indians too would know about it.
Harpreet Singh

A brave soldier never dies.Maj Udai singh will remain in the hearts of the countrymen and inspire the youths to follow his path.
COL A K Sarkar[Retd]
Barasat,West Bengal

I drew inspiration from you during my tenure with 'Mavericks'. You still inspire me.

Martyrs like Major Udai Singh do nearly everything perfectly all the time..including providing inspiration to the younger generations to do their bit for the motherland! All of us couldn't thank uncle,aunty and lali for giving our nation such a brave son! We can never forget that her gave his life for us!
New Delhi

Millions of us live and don't make a difference. One amongst millions live forever and change the world forever. Major Udai Singh - LIVES FOREVER!!
Geetinder Singh
Los Angeles CA

I was 2IC 38 RR at the time of fateful ops & had known Uday & the 22SF team for quite some time. In fact Uday once had brought a captured Hand held of terrorists for repair to me and for quite some time we used that set to moniter terrorist movements in Gamir. Capt (now Maj)Mohit Sharma of 38 Sangiot company had conducted an ops with the team Uday inclusive, at Gai, the team having taken the route of Sangiot, Pritpal, Gai and got 3 successes. It is after this ops that the 22SF team decided to enter gai from Pitha Sahab side (Thannamandi) Of course it was out AOR but it seems they were acting on some specific info, with the result they went in alone. I am sure that the sacrifice of this brave soldier was the beginning of a crusade to clear Gamir. I wish there were more like him amongst us; dedicated, professional yet humble and congineal- a rere mix of qualities.
Lt Col Sanjay Bajpai
Bareilly now

Udai,today i have known about this website and visited to pay my rich tribute to u. may your soul rest in peace and may god shower his blessings on the bereaved family and arm them with strength to bear the loss.

Hats off to his bravery and thanks to him to attain martyrdom for the country. Now the only aim in my life is to join 1 para sf and spread his glory

I feel proud and lucky to have known udai .the last time i met him was in 1999 we watched a movie together, i cherish the time as udai bhaiya inspired and motivated me that day , the inspiration and motivation still caries on and will for rest of my life , he will live in our hearts forever ...
Pradeep Shekhawat

Proud of you Udai! May your soul rest in peace.
Atul K Singh & Family
Janak Puri, New Delhi

Respected Sir, In the everlasting memory of Major Udai Singh, SC,SM. I salute who achieved martyrdom on 29th Nov 2003 during an encounter with militants in district Swarnkot (J&K). I pray to Almighty God to rest the noble soul in peace and grant strength to the family to bear this loss with fortitude.
Retd. Hony. Capt. Jaspal Singh
JSPL Raigarh (C.G.)

Braves never die i salute a martyr who has given his life for his motherland in times when everyone is busy in his own life and has no time to think for his country may ur soul rest in eternal peace.
Capt Pradeep

I salute Major Uday Singh. He is the real hero. I'm simply too moved to say anything. i just wish if i could ever meet him. may his soul rest peacefully in heaven. Hats off to his family....

Just chanced upon the 'Remembrance in the TOI today(29Nov'08).Rue i missed 5 yrs of inspiration.But then Udai ur deed is eternal and so should be the inspiration!!!
Anand Grover

May ur soul rest in peace dear! :(

Maj Udai Singh has given his life for every Indian.
Aditya Sharma
New Delhi

Remembering you Uday, your smile, your courage, and the happiness you brought to all of us. You will always stay in our thoughts.
Farah & Shashank

Simply too moved to say anything...but yes because of people like you we civies live peacefully.Hats off to you man...
Manish Kashyap
New Delhi

You live forever...braveheart.

I salute you Major Udai Singh. Your bravery will live on forever as an example to us all. Mortals like us will die and be forgotten, you my brother will live forever.

Major Singh's legacy will live on for over. India is blessed to have soldiers like him.
Jaidev Jamwal

My salutes to whoever is maintaining this website. I attended the SSB 5 ties and could not make it through but am still cherishing the memories that i had with our army during my days in NCC, which inculcated in us the sense to live for your group. When i see people like Major Udai i feel proud to have been part the group of men he belongs to. My salutes to this great man. Jai hind.

To who ever is maintaining this Website. Thank you for you service to our nation. It is more or less because of this website, that I am contemplating joining the army. My hats off to Major Udai Singh and his family. May god always be with you. Bharath matha ki jay. 

Your legacy lives on...

I have been from the same school as yours sir...and am gonna join the special forces soon...with u as the idol, am gonna put in my best to clear probation. It's upon guys like u that the army rests. Am proud to b ur school type and aatel house type but only regret is that i never met u. Bravo sir. 
Capt Sumeet Singh 

Tommorow i will be hanging my uniform after completion of 5 years....i had wonderful time in this organisation...with idols like Maj Udai Singh it was a journey i would like to undertake over and over again...without a sense of regret...thank u Maj Udai u made me nostalgic,emotional and reminded me of the simple pleasures for which i had joined this wonderful organisation.

My silent Salute & tribute to both Udai & Subbu the late brave Majors who laid their lives for their country, the utmost & extreme sacrifice that one could do and this is the least that I could do coming from a defence background. Though I am overseas my heart is in India and I unashamedly shed tears and was immensely moved whilst reading the

comments which I chanced to come across. These came from all the four corners of the world. This goes to show how powerful the character that Late Maj. Udai Singh had portrayed but it still lives on through his spirit which still speaks volumes. May his indomitable spirit be always a guide and a beacon of light to all Indians in future to come

irrespective of being a soldier. May his soul rest in peace and my heartfelt condolences to his parents and to all the members of his family. JAI HIND-AMAR RAHO
Murli Mohan Calpakam

I am shaken, stirred and simply in awe of this brave soldier

and good man. I followed SF news throughout my childhood and always

wanted to be in Army SF but it didnt turn out that way. In my personal capacity, I will donate to trusts like yours. If you can make the Trust website seperate then it would attract more attention and please try

spreading this message in the media because its only due to some internet forums that I could have a look here. would be a good

place. God bless Udai and peace to his family. A Proud Indian. 

I am proud to be a friend of Uday. After so many years I finally thought I have the courage to write something here. We the batch of 1992, APS, Dagshai salute you for making the country proud of you. You will be always remembered by 1992 batch of APS Dagshai. Once again we salute you. Jai Hind.
Ashok Yadav
New Delhi

I salute this brave souls of Uddu & Subbu, it is because of people like them that we are safe inside our house, they are great to lay down their life smiling, three cheers for this brave soilders, long live the tradition of bravery in the Indian Army,Indian Army Zindabad.

I came across this site accidentally...but so glad I did! I know I have come here very, very late to post this tribute-but it is never too late to honour a brave soldier. I am from an armed forces family with my father and brothers having served the army and the navy for  long...and hence can understand the pride and at the same time the

anguish of Udai's parents even after so many years. I salute Udai for his brave deeds and wherever he is - wish him peace and eternal happiness. Through this message would also like to wish his buddy Subbu's parents

also the very best and Subbu - wherever he is peace and eternal

happiness.Through their deeds and actions we live a peaceful life. May God bless them both !
Harish Govind

This website is a moving tribute to a brave man. I salute his spirit.
Surg Lt Cdr CK Rednam, ex-IN

What can one say, or write? Uday was one of the best. He died young, but lives on, honored and loved by all those who knew him. I have attended many funerals, chautha and Terhavi ceremonies. Most of them made me sad, but this was an exception. I felt proud. My heart was filled with pain for KKK and his family, but my chest swelled at the thought of this brave son of India. I felt proud to have been part of the same outfit - the Indian Army - to which Uday belonged. I could empathize with KKK - he must be feeling what Arjun felt when Abhimanyu was killed in battle. (My son's name is Abhimanyu). I was reminded of another famous soldier, also a paratrooper, who had died in the same area fifty years ago. His famous Order of the Day before the the battle of

Jhangar is now a part of the Indian Army's folklore. It applies to Uday as

much as it did to his compatriots then; "To every man upon this Earth, Death cometh soon or late, And how can man die better, Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his Gods?"
Maj Gen VK Singh

I am moved by the dedication of this young Para officer. Our hats off to his indomitable courage and sacrifice.Uday you will live forever.
Col Karaminder Singh (Retd)

This is one of the best sites that I have come across on the internet-completely dedicated to memories of a young officer, Udai, who sacrificed his life in 'just doing' his bit for his paltan, Army, Country. Indeed great of Col KKK Singh to have got it recorded so well- it is authentic, moving and very very inspiring. God bless his soul.
Col Vinay Khanna, SM ( Signals)
New Delhi

Being  ex servicemen myself, I feel very proud for the sacrifice which you have done to the . We, the soldiers, will always remember the selfless courage which you have shown. The people who are corrupt should know that these are the people who make a difference to our nation. You are the real HERO. I will teach to my children about your courage, sacrifice and selfless service to the nation. JAI HIND.

Thank you for your services to the nation.

You make us proud Uday ..... May you be born a million times in our blessed Motherland to rise and face every assault the enemy can think of. We are extremely proud of you. Jai Hind
Som Mukherjee

Always desired & dreamed to serve the country, like you did, but could not, because of studies abroad. You & many more like you have made me proud & rekindled my desire to serve the country and be loyal to her. A true soldier not only fights for the country at home but also in a foreign country. Am proud of you - Class of 1975 - La-Martiniere for Boys -Calcutta
Anup Kumar Chaturvedi
 Miami, Florida, USA

You are always on my mind. Conscious and unconscious thoughts

and in small measure you have become my speech and actions. You are one in a million. Thanks for the ride, Uday.

whatever you wish to call me

Very moving to read. Thanks for serving India. JAI HIND
AV Raman

I always wondered why life felt so beautiful here (in my own country) and why everyone says this is the place to be. Now I know...... Lalima thanks for sharing this Web site with me.

New Delhi

Dear KKK, How much uncomfort 'disconnect' can cause is being felt by Me today !! I visited Udai's Site, thanks to ' I salute Udai for his valour and bravery. What a Great Son of India !! My floral tribute to HIM ! Sukhi
Brigadier (Retired) Sukhwindar Singh

We salute you Udai Singh. You have left behind a trail of valour, indeed, very difficult for others to tread or emulate. We have added a link to our Blog at
James Kanagaraj

My salutes to late Maj Udai Singh, for his courage, bravery, dedication to duty. To his parents,I can just say. WHAT A GREAT SON YOU GAVE BIRTH TO AND BROUGHT UP. We salute you too and are with you sharing the personal loss you suffered when Udai sacrificed his life,so that INDIANS can live peacefully. Though it is a pity that the really brave pay the supreme sacrifice and others keep living!!! JAI HIND
Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh,PVSM (Retd)

After so many years I finally thought I had the courage to write something here but the more I wanna write the more I feel that I'm short of words. Bhai, it's taken me quite some time to realize that u aren't there. I still think maybe u'd drop in the same surprising manner like you use to.....guess I found a lot in u than I could ever imagine.....u were that one true brother, friend, guide and everything else one could hope n wish for.....miss you big guy..........!!!
New Delhi

Salute Major Udai Singh for his courage and determination. A great Indian Soldier. Because of soldiers like Major Udai Singh we are safe at home. His parents & family will feel proud for what Major Udai Singh has done for the country. God bless his soul.
Anuj Kushwah

It is guys like Uddu sir and Subbu sir who keep the fire in us

still raging. How better can a man die than facing fearful odds - for the ashes of his fathers and temples of his gods - macaulay. Though i met u only twice sir before i joined the unit but u sure did leave a mark which shall never fade away. So i guess the time will come soon when we get

together and finish the bottle of beer which we left at asan barrage. Cheers mate.
Does'nt  matter

Got thru nda bro...going 4 SSB...ur blessings is all that's

needed now... VICTORY WILL BE OURS
New Delhi

Someone sent me this ppt today, to mark India's Independence

Day. It is a befitting tribute to all our soldiers, who sacrifice their all for us. Missed you dearly today. 
New Delhi

Miss you dearly, always.
Mother Earth

Udai, i miss you so often ...I pray that your soul rests in  peace and that you are happy where ever you are. I know how it feels to  loose a loved one...I also pray for mamaji and mamiji to have the courage  to deal with this huge you baba.

People pray for the dead ones that their soul may have peace

and freedom from this material world..but I say that souls like you should not attain freedom till evil is annihilated. i only hope that you have been born again and growing somewhere for another showdown with the terrorists. See you in combat by my side brother

Akshay Vikram

Udai has made his country proud.
Dhruv Sabharwal
New York, USA

No emails or Web sites has ever moved me so much then to see this wonderful piece of work collectively put together in memory of Udai. I as an Indian am very very proud of Udai. I salute all those people out there who fight their lives just to save our country. I am proud to be an Indian. This is an incredibly well made site. Thanks Lalima for

sending the link across to me. I am glad I chose to take a look. Great work.
New Delhi

People like Udai are the real hero's who go un-noticed everyday. We give more importance to the impotent politicians and good for nothing movie actors in India. Maybe it is time we change our focus to the brave men who sacrifice their lives without a split second's

Hemant Singh
santa fe, nm- usa

While there is little more that I can say about Maj Udai's professionalism and courage, I would like to place on record my appreciation for the family of men like Maj Udai's who for a lifetime bear with courage and dignity the irreparable loss of losing a son for the country.

I would also suggest, being a journalist myself, that the press clippings on Maj Udai be better displayed so that they are easily readable.

Finally, for all those families who lose their sons to war, there is a fine book recently written by Maj Gen Ian Cardozo (retd) titled `INS

Khukri: Survivors' Tales'. It is a poignant exploration of the lives of those who survived the dead of war.

May God Bless All Those Who Died and Doubly Those That Live and

Vikram Jit Singh

This site is a wonderful endeavor to pay homage to a hero like Udai. His maverick act is quite inspiring.Hope to see another

surya-UDAI in times to come. Jai hind.

You will be avenged.

A Soldiers Word.
doesnt matter

I believe that my message reaches you wherever you are...I am sure you are at peace coz you achieved what you seeked. Its sad that god snatched you away from this world so soon. I wish I had known you in your lifetime. Your death on the battlefield is truly India's loss. But, you will live forever in our hearts!

Thank you Uday..For giving us life..for bringing in hope and love, for bringing us all together, for all your smiles and all the

beautiful moments that made life worth living, for tears and grief that have made me more human.. I live a fuller, better and a more complete life, all because of you.
Namita Aurora
New Delhi

Dear Udai...We are proud of you. It is because of u that we live and we will live and die for our country.You will stay in our heart . A salute to u and all your friends..Jai Hind

Having a son like is a real honor and proud for your parents, Thank you

is not enough for what you have done for us but that's all i have to

give you, Long leave India ...Jai Hind.

Maj Udai was my senior in APS Dagshai and a very fun loving and kind hearted person,whom we all remember and will miss a lot. It was an honor to have known him.I salute him both for being a senior and for his dedication towards his task. He will always live on in our memory forever.
Maj Amardeep Singh Sandhu
New Delhi

I have no words other than being thankful from the bottom of my heart to you and your family. Very few get this chance and very few could achieve you did at such young age ... as a civilian we will always be thankful for the sacrifices you and your family made for all of us.

Where ever u go you will always be the shining star for us and always be remembered in our hearts .May god bless such a family who up brought a brave son like you.

Jai Hind

My salutations to this brave son of India!

It is because of soldiers like Shaheed Major Udai Singh that we are prevailing over the enemy and also the reason why we shall eventually emerge victorious.

Salute to the brave soldier of motherland. You make us all indians feel proud.

This is how one should live and die. My life seems so meaningless and useless. I salute the parents for creating such a marvellous warrior.


Devjyoti Barooah
New Delhi

your courage and sacrifice will always be an inspiration for millions.
sanjog rout

Your brave deeds will always be an inspiration..
Amar G

Uddu and Subbu were the best of pals and great buddies who joined the unit together. I still remember the day very vividly because I had the privelage of mixing their welcome drink. I also remember the day they had passed their probation and the effort of carrying back both the hulks to their room after the usual ceremony. It just bonded me more closer to them as I felt responsible for them in every way.These tough dudes were the thickest of pals and great go getters.

Every now and then, old memories come back flooding the heart all at once and it makes me realise the actual impact of the blow that we have received. But thenours is not to reason why,ours is just to do and we go on and continue with what we all have to do, and who better to emulate then these guys.

While Subbu was a serious natured guy meaning only business most of the time, Uddu was his counterpart. He was meant to lighten up the environment. Where ever he was present, you could expect the atmosphere to be rocking. He could cheer up the dullest of gatherings. But it was not all fun and games for Uday and this fact can easily be vouched for by all his friends from the last unit in which he served. Not only did they have a great guy for company, they learned certain important aspects of soldiering which I can say with surety they will never forget. He was a great guy, the best of friends, a great soldier and above all an unquestionable gentleman. His bubbling spirit showed in all his actions. It is really a proud feeling to know that these guys were from my unit.

Moments may pass away and things may change,

Memory may get dulled and tears wane,

But one thing I can vouch for is That his Spirit will always remain.

I know that Uday is around because a soldier never dies and so for your eyes Uday--

We all are and will always be proud of You.

I have taken a long time to put down my thoughts, firstly to think of all those great times we all have spend together, your absence now, and most importantly because it hurts to put down your feelings and thoughts about a person you like and not havng him around but then my coming to terms with it is more to do with the feeling of Uddu being around.

a tribute to the warrior who laid down his life in the greatest service to the nation.thats the greatest unselfish sacrifice for the nation.
Parminder Singh

What a pity and anguish that our society does not know how to cherish the deeds and values of those very few left now who live to reach beyond the reachable, dream of unthinkable , keep their sights and heads above others for honour duty and valour . For such was Udai the type on whom the nation still survives who do their bit and not whince one moment to look back. udai's example must be spread at every opportunity .jai hind, jai bharat ke veero, ojhal veer yuvao, desh se bari bhool ho rahi hai tumhare moolyon ki virasat na samajh paaye
Maj Gen APS Chauhan (rtd)
New Delhi

well... raju mama wanted me to copy all your pictures and stuff from the web site... and while i was doin that .. i realised that its been long now.. things moves on but i some how believe that yu can read this message box where ever yu are .. so just wanted to tell yu that we miss yu... lot's! we miss every little thing about yu and now i really really regret that why was i so young, i mean had i been older, would have known yu more, spent more time with yu!!!!but hey i know yu are right here, mama and i were talkin about yu the other day.. and i know how hard it is for every one in the family... hope yu are just fine and rockin the place whrere ever yu are!

I knew Uday from school days . I have been junior to him in school and was from same hostel. He was always someone who one could look up to. Those who know the man would agree he was ment to do extra ordnairy thing. I salute u Sir . . 

i met a few officers from the elite para sf to which Major Uday belonged to. and i got to know how amazing these chaps are. u need to be a man made of iron to wear the BALIDAN crest.and MAJ.Uday lived upto the para motto BALIDAN. its my dream to join the para sf one day. and follow the footsteps of MAJ.UDAY. JAI HIND
Rishabh malhotra
Bangalore, India

Heartful thanks for a life well lived and well served.

My salute to the departed warrior, the family that raised him and the country he served.

May the supreme lord bless his spirit and "Peace Be Upon Him".

And yes the war will be won and enemy defeated robustly, no doubt about it.
Arun Sharma

Weep not for the Past, Fear not for the Future..
The Name does not matter

I cannot change the past, I can only make my peace with it and move on. What makes it easier is knowing that you move with me each step of the way too..

I cannot describe in words how i feel about this but may your soul rest in peace Uday

I have no word to say for you have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.It remids me the only reason for India surviving is people like you. JAI HIND ...
Sumir Khedkar


I will love to come in this world in my next birth and wish to be a son of your proud parents..!!You have made all of us proud.we will never forget u and will never let our motherland down..! Jai hind...!

I slaute you Sir. You have made us all proud. You indeed attained matrydom as the richest man of India by serving nation with utmost dedication and selflessness. Jai Hind!

Proud be the mother who gave her child to the nation. Proud be the father who's son became a man among men and proud be UDAY who gave the nation another peaceful surya uday....

I salute Major Udai Singh. He has made us proud.

Subbu and Uddu were truly magnificent men, masters of their destiny,wielders of might and defenders of their country. At this point i could think of a very appropriate quote by shakespeare:

"Cowards die many times before their deaths;

the valiant never taste death but once."

- William Shakespeare ("Julius Caesar")

Be assured at some point in the future, when the time for retribution is at hand, we will unleash hell on pakistan, making them pay for killing our finest.

India Forever.
Deepak Subramanian

well INDIA needs officers like him. i myself am a die hard fan of the indian army. and what better role model than him. i salute you sir.

1. I have not had the honour of knowing Major Singh, but I would wish to take this opportunity to thank him for protecting the ordinary people of India from external aggression.

2. I would be remiss if I did not also thank the brave household that has reared a hero such as the Major, and has suffered such a terrible loss.

3. I am certain that god almighty shall protect the Major, and he is now in his care. Take heart. When wickedness grows in this world, he takes the form of the chastiser of the wicked, When injustice rears its head, he becomes the destroyer of iniquity.

Let us thank god for giving the nation heroes like Major Udai Singh!

Jai Jawan!

Jai Hind!
Aditya S. Puar

Wherever you are, you know we miss you. Lots of love.
Assam, India

Looking at this website took me back to a time many years ago. It was a time when my father himself used to wear this uniform. He too wanted to die in his uniform and so he did. My respect for men like them comes from knowing what they do. My humble tributes to a brave soldier and a valiant hero. May his soul rest in peace and his sacrifice never be forgotten.

Hi Lali! We at One still talk about him, and how he pulled everone's collective leg every now and then. Nostalgia... hits one below the belt actually. Great guy-really can't forget so many trips-all wild ones at that-we planned and executed. And all the heated arguments we used to have about the right way to execute tasks... it showed that he was really into and loved what he was doing. Take care. May peace be upon you.

I for one do not know anything of Major Udai Singh. But I am forever grateful for brave sons like him, on whose sacrifice we enjoy such freedom.

I am proud that Major Udai Singh has upheld the proud heritage and traditions in the same way as his predecessors.

Thank you sir. We are grateful and thankful that such brave sons like you keep us safe.

Thank you again
Kiran Rao

I didn't know Major Udai Singh but I think I now do. This citizens of India will forever be indebted to brave soldiers like Uday & Subbu. Thank you chaps.

For once I am proud to be from the same soil as Udai.

smita nair

A true patriot who made the supreme sacrifice for his country.

Jai Hind
A Avasthi

Udai is an integral part of the memories i have of my stay in IMA.He was my senior there but never behaved like one,he had a cool attitude and was helpful and use to motivate us all the time,saying that one must look at the bigger picture and to not get bogged down by the gruelling schedule in IMA. Everyone knew even then that he was going to join para's. He had that rear combination of being chilled out in life coupled with steely determination to achieve his goals. It has been two years since udai laid down his life for the country, but i didnt know about it. My career in the army was cut short by an injury and i shifted to mumbai. It is tough for me to put in words as to what i feel after knowing about udai.When i look back in time,i feel priveleged to have interacted with somebody like uday, for me he represented the best of qualities and was a perfect posterboy for a career in the forces.Men like uday are rear and truly lucky ones get a chance to meet someone like him. In the end i would like to say that it really doesnt matter as to how much time udai spent on this planet, beacause he enjoyed every moment and inspired others around him to live life to the fullest. He lived ten lives during the twenty-nine years he was here.
Anirudh Singh

An inspired solider. Came to this web site via

As the Gita states:

"While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor for the dead."

"Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor al these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be."

"The material body of the indestructible, immeasurable and eternal living entity is sure to come to an end; therefore, fight, O descendant of Bharata."

May the souls come back to be born as kshatriya.

Bharat Mata Ki JAI
Raj Kumar

I am at a complete loss of words to show my deepest gratitude to this brave son of India - I salute you for your unmatched bravery and ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Jai Hind.
Los Angeles, CA

My respects to a great warrior & his family. A true son of India, let his name be remembered with pride forever.
Riz Zaman
New York City

Ultimate Sacrifice. REST IN PEACE. UDAY
Indiana, USA

I came across this page by reading forums on Indian Special Forces. If only there were many more of you and your special forces buddies, our country, our world will be such a better place. You strived for courage, victory for what was right, not money and greed. The Indian Special Forces are the creme de la creme of all warriors and of the population. Capt. Singh I salute you for your bravery and heroism, for you are a true warrior.
Washington DC, USA

"Those whom Gods love die young" so goes the saying.But why did God single you out and take you away from such a lovely family..Sudha,Col kkk and Lali? My heart goes out to them ,you will remain the shining 'sun'in their lives.

Padmini Aunty
Padmini Mohan Kunnath

As heroic in life as in death. May more young men from india emulate Udai. An example for us all. I am proud and sad. bitter sweet.

After going through all the photographs,letters messages.........I'm left with a feeling of great sorrow.Never knew you in person but what I infer from it all is that you must have been a quintessential awe inspiring soldier.The great scorer has marked u like very few chosen heros before making everyone proud of you.
Aarthi Mohan Kunnath

I had the honour of meeting Maj. Uday Singh once, it was in APS Dagshai in 1998.Maj Uday Singh had visited his old house Patel and interacted with us students and motivated us to join the army and do something in life. Even then we were awed by the spirit and strive of Uday and his love for the country and sense of duty. His sacrifice humbles us all and for the precious little time he was with us , I thank god that I had the chance to meet a real life hero.

May God bless Uday Singh
Karan Sarao
New Delhi


I am Prithviraj's jadeja's friend .. he told me about UDAY and i visited this site ... sincerely i honour theis great chap .. we all indians by heart n soul really respect this young maverick who in reality gave his life for hiw own motherland .. there are peole who can say big dialogues .. but Uday belongs to those categories of people ... in which words stand no where for his larger than life ... GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL .. DUDE .. You set an example of being a true youth icon .
Saiyam Dua

Though I havent had the honour of meeting the brave soldier.. It was indeed very touching to have visited the site.

My sincere condolences to the family.

Maj Rohit Malhotra

TAPS batch of 1991
Maj Rohit Malhotra
IMA Dehradun

Dear Udai,

I have always known you as a friend who was very helping and caring.I am proud to have a friend like you, God bless your soul.

"The stars shine down

and watch us live

Our little lives

And weep for us"

Udai bhaiya, d only time i met u was when u came to A'bad after Bapu's death. I am so close to Sudha masi and Lali jija. Regret the fact that never got a chance to know u well.But have heard a lot about u from Masi, Usha aunty, Anil uncle and Mamma. If I were to make a wish, it would be to have u back in our lives and ample of opportunities to know a great person like u. Even though I have met u only once, but having heard and read so much about u, i feel U are the only one whos greatly inspired me.And to me, U are the most BEAUTIFUL person on this planet, dear brother!!! We are all proud of u and I salute u.

Although I never met Udai myself.. Being through this website has made understand things that we take for granted. I now understand the meaning of Supreme Sacrifice, Honour and dedication.

Udai's courage and sacrifice are a testimony of the attitude and dedication of a Indian solider towards his country.

I salute this brave soldier and hope that mere mortals like us take inspiration from a great soul – Udai..
Gaurav Nabh
New Delhi, India

Don't know what to write, though i am feeling so much inside after reading here about you.

I salute you Uday, and everyone at home. May you rest in peace..God Bless.

Vipin, Tapsite'98
Vipin Yadav
New Delhi

udai,our friend was always great.we think of him and talk of the great times spent with him.all this does make us happy coz we knew this out-of-the-world man,it does moves us to tears too.Uday,we love you.
aditi anaadi sirothia
mentally with lali and parents

this is a great site for our great to know more about him thru this.wherever he is,must b enjoying - for old habits continue and we r sure u never thot of changing,udai.whole lot of us is with ur parents and sis.
anaadi aditi
down the memory lane

Dearest Baba,

You will always live in our hearts and minds sweet Baba. You are the brightest star! I can never forget your beautiful smile. Heaven must be a brighter place.


Mela Daniel
New Jersey, USA



May Udai & Subbu's life serve as an eye opener to us all -

"watan ki fikr kar nadaan musibat aane wali hai / teri barbadiyon ke mashwarein hain aasmano mein./ na samjhoge to mit jaoge eh watanwalon / tumhari daastan bhi na hogi daastano mein."

Bharati Menon

dearest bhiya its so starange to write here but am sure u r reading it, i still remember the diwali u sneaked all of us out and we had a rockin time its imprinted so clearly.the phone call u had made during diwali....i know life goes on but it is never gonna be the same with out u.singh family is incomplete without u!but i am sure u r lookin out for us the way u looked after the whole nation..we are all soooooo proud of u.

love u forever

Uddu is here with us and will always remain.
Maj Pawar

May his soul rest in eternal peace!
Maj (Retd) P M Ravindran
Palakkad, Kerala

hi dude..

these things happen when mountains and men meet - not while you're loitering on the streets....

i'm sure you're living it up wherever you are! and knowing you it must the happening place around town.
does'nt matter

Dear Udai, It's hard to believe you're not around anymore... extremely sad and painful to know you really are not. I feel lucky to have known you, even if only for a short while. You were such a great guy! You were one person to whom courage, dignity, strength and goodness of character truly belonged. Your achievement and sacrifice have made us all so proud...we're indebted to you for what you did to keep us and our country safe. Thank you...

I'll always remember you with a lot of fondness and respect. God bless you and may you always be happy and peaceful wherever you are.
Era Chadha

My whole family salute the families and parents of such great heroes... Our Army is what it is today b'se of such sacrifices.. GOD bless their souls.
Brig B.Raghunathan (Retd)

Dear Sudha Aunty,

What a wonderful tribute to our dear brave Udai. This is truly inspirational stuff. I do believe that Udai being the way is - is smiling as he always did - as he looks down at us!
Siddharth Patankar
NDTV, New Delhi

Dear relatives, friends dear and near ones of Maj Uday singh, We are thrilled with the great valour exhibited by the TRUE DEDICATED soldier Maj Uday. His achievements are aweinspiring.

I have no doubt that he has become the example for a number of young people to follow his footsteps and keep our Country's flag flying sky high.

I take great pride in saluting this immortal soldier. Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the irrepairable loss of our dear Uday. may his soul rest in Peace.
Brig Thyagarajan (Retd)

Dear Parents of a Great Soldier,

Namaskar. We are proud of your dear son and his achievements in such a short span of time. His Paper Napkin says it all.

He would for ever be a role model to many in our country. His supreme sacrifice will not go waste.

Your son will be remembered by us for he is one of the very few who gave his today for our tomorrow. He was one of the few rare breed of young men who considered duty supreme. In this Kaliyug, such men are few and far between.

We know that you and your family will miss your son forever. You will live only with the memories of his life in your midst.

But you are not alone in this. We, as part of Indian Exservicemen eGroup, share your sorrow and grief and at the same time, we are proud of your son, as much, if not more, than you are.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace. May He grant you the strength to bear this great loss.

If there is anything that we can ever do, please do not hesitate to tell us. We owe that much to your son.

Best Regards

Colonel A Sridharan, VSM (Retd)
Colonel A Sridharan, VSM (Retd)

It strange that I don't feel that he's gone. He was a person who cared for the family, friends and all those who came in his circle of life.

His patent word was let's do it, re[presenting the energy and zeal to go on and on.He was the man of action in true sense. He was the best. He will live forever in my spirits.

His life can be summed up as "If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it".

He lived life KING SIZE and that's what he stood for.

Salutations to the brave father's, brave mother's, brave sister's heroic UDAY. It seems GOD needed you more then us but my only anguished question & plea to HIM is why can,t you also call people who are not worth living on this planet??? Why only the young,the courageous , the virtous,the worthy & those who only spread love,sunshine,joy & peace on this earth.Well GOD you'll have to answer all these questions before I answer the ones put to me by my ANGELS .GOD bless all.

At the outset kudos to the team or indl effort of those who have swung this so touching and well made website. to write about Uddu in a capsule size !" X 2" is close to the equivalent of a GWTW in a commercial !! will keep putting my thots' every time I open this keep checking. For Uddu - we miss you...dude !!!
Sanjay Thapa
The Para Bde

Its men like you who make us feel safe in our homes. Never knew you personally, but judging by the responses , you must have been one hell of a guy.

I never knew you personally, but we had common friends and I heard a lot about you; the amazing person, great personality, brave and so much more. We are very proud of you and I wish I could have had the opportunity to convey the same to you in person.

Wish you peace..always.
Nupur Gupta
New Delhi

: You came to Mumbai along with the body of your dear buddy subbu on 21.06.2000, but we could hardly talk as you had to return to the palton the same day. Even when you came to meet us at Delhi,the train played the villain and we could not meet you then also. Your last phone call before Diwali (2003)when you promised that you will be with us never happened as Death came running and took you to your dear friend Subbu. Hope you are having a good time with your friend. There are only now memories for us to remember.

Dearest Udai, You were my ACCC Guy (All cock and bull with complete confidence!) Your never say die attitude influenced everybody and your strong personality made an impression on all! No one you met could ever forget you. You surely were the coolest one. You taught me so much about life and myself in the 4 years that I knew you. And today, one year after you are gone I still don't believe it because you always had this uncanny way of springing surprises and I am still hoping for one......

You are simply the best and always will be....I am so proud of you, after all, didn't you always say - "Gotta go honey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!!"
Karishma Maini
King of Prussia, PA, USA.

There are leaders and, then there are leaders

There are those who can lead you up to the mountain and, then those for whom you’ll jump off the mountain. There are those who will take you up the ladder and, then those who will support you when you fall off the ladder. There are those who will take you to glory and fame and, then those who take you in their wing when you’re nothing but a name. There are those who expect you to follow and, then those who will push, pull or carry you to help you reach there. There are those who reach for the stars and, then those who see the stars in your eyes and help you live your dreams. There are those who will teach you how to take the blame and, then those who will cover up for you just to keep you sane. There are those who will take the ultimate award and, then those who will hand it over to you as your reward. There are those who cultivate it and, then those who are born with it. There are those who show it off and, then those who shine with it! And you Udai stand in the latter category!! You were simply the BEST!
Karishma Maini
King of Prussia, PA, USA.

"Death will smile at us all...all we can do is smile back" I know this is what Udai must have done - smiled back. Udai, my senior at APS Dagshai, was one of a kind - may be thats why God wanted him back and was jealous of us having him. I know he irmly believed that this was the best way to pass on and only he could have actually achieved it - full of valour, bravery & courage!

Bash on Udai - wherever you are!
Gurteg Sandhu

After reading the note on your paper napkin. I realized that how important is to have staunch purpose in life. you dedicated your life to special forces and gave the new direction to generations and inspired people to be fearless. your valour will never go vain.

It feels strange, posting a message on this site...Its been a year since you left us, Uday...and I still feel like you're around & with you're going to come barging back home on leave & spoil my plans with your " Whats up, lali". Uday left us at a time, when he was moving & growing in his life...& in his career...& it seems logical to me that in his death or through his death too...he could only have moved on for the better.

The memories are for us to remember & the pain for us to bear.You, dear on! I miss you.